Throughout the year, we will lead 15-20 trips with 8-10 young men on each one. We also lead 5-6 discipleship groups, walking with them as they learn to walk intimately with the Lord throughout the year. Through our trips and our discipleship groups, around 300 young men are learning to walk with God and fall in love with His creation and finding new ways to enjoy and experience it. 

College can be an awkward and lonely time for most young men.  They are men in their parent’s eyes, having moved out of the house, but in the world they are still viewed as boys and being formed as men. We seek to come along side them and help them become the confident, strong, and humble men that God created us to be. We work with young men helping them become good men before they become powerful. We help them grow their inner man and form great foundations in Christ.  

Skills, knowledge, and the inner man are what men are comprised of. The men in our lives that have failed us haven't failed because of a lack of skills or a lack of knowledge. They fail because of a lack discipline and intimacy with God in their inner man. 

There is a shift coming though; there is a rising generation of young men who want to lead well and be difference-makers, but are unsure of the path to get there. We are coming along side them to guide them to Christ.