“Discipleship paired with wilderness programming”


Young men cannot be initiated in to manhood by themselves; they must be shown the way by other men. No man has ever just happened into the ways of men, neither have they just happened into intimacy with God either; they have to be intentionally shown the way. 

Throughout the Bible and history, men have learned how to walk intimately with God(Discipleship) and become the men they were created to be through relationship, intervention, and experiences with other men(Experiential Discipleship). Experiential discipleship is just that, learning how to walk with God through experiences with other men.

Each week, our staff is leading discipleship groups and discipling young men one on one, leading them to Christ and teaching them how to walk intimately with Him.


To join a discipleship group in the Cleveland, TN area call

College Guys- Logan Hall (770) 855.5216

Men's (post college and older) Chachi Avirett (478) 575.0114

Our discipleship group schedule:

Tuesday Mornings- College Guys

Wednesday Nights- Co-ed college group

Saturday Morning- Men's Post College and Older