“Discipleship paired with wilderness programming”

We define discipleship as learning to walk with God. We live this out through inviting people into almost every aspect of our lives, broken or whole, in order to be able to share the Gospel. We walk with individuals in group settings and one on one. We help them navigate the wilderness of their lives by pointing them towards God, as Father, through Jesus. To us, discipleship is a relational exchange between us and God.

Throughout the Bible and history, people have learned how to walk intimately with God and become the adults they were created to be through relationship, intervention, and experiences with others. That’s our whole formula for ministry.

Each week, our staff is leading discipleship groups and discipling people one on one, leading them to Christ and teaching them how to walk intimately with Him.

To join a discipleship group in the Southeast send us an email:

College Guys- Tyler@trailministries.org

College Girls- Neeley@trailministries.org

Men (post college and older) Chachi@trailministries.org