Wilderness Program




 – TRAIL's backpacking programs are a one of a kind opportunity for you to trek into the wilderness away from distractions. God created man in the wilderness and He is calling us back there to find freedom, strength and courage in our relationship with Him. We offer one, three and five day expeditions varying in both elevation change and length. A trek through the wilderness requires grit and determination and offers a unique opportunity to see God's creation.


Whitewater Rafting

– TRAIL's rafting expeditions will cause you to summon your courage, conquer your fear, and use every bit of your strength making you trust only in God to and of course your guide to get you down the river safely. The Southeast is the home to a vast aray of rafting and kayaking opportunities. We raft  the Ocoee, Chattooga, Hiawassee, Nantahala, and French Broad Rivers and offer one, three and five day expeditions attached to them. There is no better adventure for witnessing and literally becomming immersed in the glory of God’s creation. The lessons learned on the river are applicable to every avenue of life. 


– TRAIL's team building program is built on the almost 25 years of experience of its instructors.  We use TRAIL as a n acronym in our team building programs- Teamwork, Respect, Attitude, Integrity and Leadership. Whether you are looking for a fun outing for your company/organization or if you want to build upon the success and dissect how to grow as a team, we can help you. Experiential learning is the backbone to growth as a group.