TRAIL is a non-profit, 501(c)3, outdoor adventure ministry that leads young men on extreme backcountry expeditions and teaches that the life God offers is the adventure all men seek but few ever find. Whether paddling roaring whitewater, scaling sheer mountainsides, or trekking Smoky Mountain ridges, our expeditions mirror the bold and daring life God has planned for you. Lessons learned in this "classroom" will never be forgotten; they are ingrained in the soul.


"Challenging and equipping young men to experience the adventure Christ offers.”


 TRAIL expeditions are unique. By blending the challenges of outdoor adventure programming that pushes our limits with an inspiring discipleship cirriculum on living boldly and courageously for Christ, the lessons learned on a TRAIL expedition ignite an empowered spirit and stick to us like duct tape. This mutual reinforcement of mental and physical lessons, known as experiential discipleship, is a fantastic way to learn. Alternatively, when we simply hear or read something, the impact is typically fleeting. Do you recall the important points of last Sunday’s sermon? The chances are poor. People learn through experience, and by their nature,TRAIL’s backcountry excursions provide a training ground for the biblical message that is being delivered. We feel it; we live it! 


"TRAIL is a, 501(c)3, not for profit wilderness, discipleship ministry "Challenging and equipping young men to experience the adventure that Christ offers". We lead adventure-based programming for young men by using what we have come to call "experiential discipleship"- learning how to walk with God through experiences with other men. We use backpacking, fly fishing and rafting to create a place for conversation and space for discipleship to take place. 


Throughout the year, we will lead roughly 25 trips with 8-10 young men on each one. We also lead 5-6 discipleship groups, walking with them as they learn to walk intimately with the Lord. Through our trips and our discipleship groups, around 300 young men are learning to walk with God and fall in love with His creation and new ways to enjoy and experience it. 


College is an awkward time for most young men. No longer living at home, they are considered "men" and on their own. But in the eyes of the world, they are still unformed and too young to know anything. We seek to come along side them and help them become the confident, strong and humble men that God created us to be."


"Young men cannot be initiated into man-hood by themselves; they must be shown the way by other men. No man has ever just happened into the ways of God either; they have to be intentional.Throughout the Bible and history men have learned how to walk intimately with God(discipleship) and become the men they were created to be through relationship and experiences with other men(experiential learning). Experiential discipleship is just that, learning how to walk with God through experiences."