“Discipleship paired with wilderness programming”

West Backcountry (10 Days)

Our Wyoming backpacking experience is a vast and open wilderness experience set in a pristine backcountry. This trip is designed for relaxing and disconnecting while growing deeper in community with other individuals. Over the course, we will hike up to 10,000 feet and spend 5 nights in the backcountry. Rest is the priority and for that reason we will be without cell service for most of this trip. (This is a moderately strenuous trip. Individuals should be in relatively good physical condition.)


our West programs are designed for men and women ages 18+


Backpacking (4-14 Days)

- TRAIL's backpacking programs are a one of a kind opportunity to trek into the wilderness away from distractions. God created man in the wilderness and He is calling him back there to find freedom, strength and courage in our relationship with Him. A trek through the wilderness requires grit and determination and offers a unique opportunity to see God's creation. We offer 4, 7, 10 and 14 day expeditions varying in both elevation change and length. While on TRAIL, participants learn how to properly pack a backpack, make fire, cook in the backcountry, Leave No Trace ethics, work together in a group, water filtration and purification, bear safety, manage water crossings, how to read a map and plot a course and safely choose and set up a campsite. 

Backcountry Instructor Course (10 Days)

- We constantly get asked, “I would love to work with you guys; how can I get involved?” It starts here. In the Spring of each year, we offer a 10 day Instructor Course that covers everything you need to know to facilitate a backcountry experience with us. This course will not guarantee you a position, but will open the door to the opportunity and will help you find a job with other outdoor companies as well. This course will help bolster and define the budding skills of an outdoor leader. This course is also available for anyone who is already working for a camp and wants to learn how to facilitate trips in the backcountry. We cover everything from how to handle waste to how to manage groups. 

2018 Dates

26-27 Outpost leader training(open enrollment)

16-17 outpost co-ed backpacking(open enrollment)

16-18 outpost co-ed backpacking(open enrollment)

6-7 outpost co-ed backpacking(open enrollment)

2-6 mens southeast cabin/flyfishing(open enrollment)
 23-25 johnston woods staff training(Closed Group)

24-27 johnston woods h.s. backpacking(closed Group)

7-14 college co-ed teton backpacking (open enrollment)

1-15 college guys mt rainier mountaineering (open enrollment)